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ZuseMe is a free media management application for Windows, that allows the listening history of one or multiple selected music accounts, on either the Groove Music or Windows Media Player player.

It supports both single songs and albums. The songs can be searched via artist, album, song and all lyrics. Artist, album, song or all lyrics can be selected for the status bar (alternately, songs can be set to track status).
Support for Groove and Windows Media Player files has been added, and artists/albums/songs and all lyrics can be searched for.
Full support for Internet radio stations is also provided (no OGG for now).

The program is easy to use (has a simple front end, full of configuration options).

It can run as a fully transparent background application with no visual feedback.
It allows to make quite easy to add a single recording to your selected account.

The software supports in all language versions


+ Support for all major file formats: WMA, MP3, OGG, AIFF, FLAC, AC3, WAV, CDA, AAC.
+ Support for all major music services: Winamp, MediaMonkey, Last.fm, Napster, OiNK, etc.
+ Support for Windows Media Player and Groove Music Player.
+ Support for all major folders (for music).
+ Support for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Supported configurations:

+ For Groove: listen to albums, songs, artists, tracks, etc. (of selected tracks, of selected albums, of selected artists, etc.)
+ For Windows Media Player: listen to songs, artists, albums, genres, etc. (from playlist, from library, etc.)
+ For many other music players: listen to artists, albums, genres, etc. (of selected tracks, of selected albums, of selected artists, etc.)

Additional Features:

+ Automatic detection of audio files stored in some external storage
+ Advanced search by keyboard shortcuts.
+ Collection of the played songs into a playlist in case you want to listen to them later (saved in Last.fm account)
+ Transparent search by artist, genre, album, song.
+ Selectable priority for searching in full details.
+ Transparent configuration files.
+ Support for sharing pictures from album art in Facebook, Twitter, or other services.

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ZuseMe is a Mac application that allows you to track your music from your Mac.

ZuseMe Features:

1. Tracking – You can check what was played, where, on what date, how long, who was playing and more.
2. Logging – You can set that the music should be automatically log-ed to your Last.fm account.
3. Share – You can export your tracks to your Last.fm profile.
4. Export – You can export your log-ed tracks to CSV or XML file, and share them with friends

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ZuseMe is a tiny light weight application to log your Groove Music and Windows Media Player listening habits.
While ZuseMe is not intended to replace the Last.fm client, it offers an alternative for those who are not into the “scrobbling” process.
Unlike other logging applications that the track has to be “known” for it to be logged, ZuseMe will log tracks that don’t have a specific genre, duration or anything like that.
It can be used from Windows Media Player or Groove Music in any audio player with a logging facility in the application.
Since the tracks don’t have to be known, they can be:
* Instrumentals
* Music for dancing
* Music for home
* Music for sport
* Music for any other unknown activity
Supported Metadata:
More metadata options can be enabled if you like.
Category: Audio >
Date: Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Tags, Duration,
Track Number:
Track Time:
Unknown Track Length:
Unknown Track Duration:


There is a free and open-source option, Last.fm Scrobble by KDE
I use it on Linux (Kubuntu) because the KDE version seems to be the most stable and compatible.
Your options with it are:

Scrobble tracks without known genre.
Scrobble tracks using genre specified in a defined list.
Scrobble all tracks from a folder.


Last.fm Scrobble, which is one of the many apps that can scrobble music files, has a Windows application.

* This file is part of choco-solver,
* Copyright (c) 2020, IMT Atlantique. All rights reserved.
* Licensed under the BSD 4-clause license.
* See LICENSE file in the project root for full license information.
package org.chocosolver.solver.constraints.inequality;

import org.chocosolver.solver.constraints.ConstraintFactory;
import org.chocosolver.solver.variables.IntVar;
import org.chocosolver.solver.variables.vari

What’s New in the ZuseMe?

ZuseMe is a simple & easy tool to log your Groove Music and Windows Media Player listening habits without any fuss.
Simple login:
You can login into your Last.fm account using your Twitter or Facebook account
Complete tracking:
ZuseMe can track all your playlists with more than 100 songs.
Authorize your Last.fm account:
Authorize your Last.fm account using your Twitter or Facebook account

He4dDid You Hear?

Manhunt is back to track their music better. This program is a simple 2-step process to get your music listening logged into your Last.fm account.
Setting it up
Manhunt can be installed by opening the app file and pressing Install, and it’ll launch automatically to start logging your music into your account.
After a few seconds, the program will ask you if you’d like to install the Last.fm control panel. If so, you should allow it to do so. If you didn’t, we do not recommend doing so.
Once that’s done, you can log in using your Last.fm account, and the program will act accordingly.
A universal logging tool for Windows Media Player and Groove Music
After logging in, you can find all the songs you’ve listened to under Manhunt’s Smart Lists section. You can sort them by song name, name of artist or from the last song you listened to last. You can also log in with your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
A key difference between this tool and others is that they won’t log the music you’re listening to from the Web Player. That means that those bits will not be logged, but they will be logged properly from the application’s perspective.
Unlike previous tools for logging your music activities, Manhunt doesn’t grab your track information from the current player. For most uses, it’s fine, but for others, you might need to get creative with your settings.
In conclusion
Manhunt is a very easy program to use for logging in to your Last.fm account, logging the music you listen to, and sorting by name. We had zero problems with the app, but if you do, you can contact support and they’ll get you up to speed.
Manhunt Description:
Manhunt is a simple and easy tool to log your Groove Music and Windows Media Player listening habits without any fuss.
Simple login:
You can login into your Last.fm account using your Twitter or Facebook account

System Requirements For ZuseMe:

Officially, you can run the game on a single core of the machine.
You can get another core later as desired, while keeping the other core as a slave for now.
You need to leave enough space for your save file, and some executable files.
Since you don’t have to worry about how much space your save file uses, we recommend you to make a save file larger than the game requires.
Installing the game
You can download the game for Mac and Linux with a single click. The

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