Why Does That Work?

Output to display « Enter a quantity between 1 and a hundred »
Read input from user
Put value from user in variable X
Put value 100 in variable Y
Put value 1 in variable Z
Loop Y variety of time
Divide Z by X
If the remainder of the division = 0
then output « Z is a a number of of X »
Add 1 to Z
Return to loop
This small program asks the consumer to enter a quantity between 1 and 100. It reads the worth entered by the user. Then, the program divides every number between 1 and a hundred by the quantity entered by the person. It checks if the remainder is zero (modulo division). If so, the program outputs “Z is a multiple of X” (for example, 12 is a multiple of 6), for every quantity between 1 and 100. Then the program ends.

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What works
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As a friend of mine pointed out not too long ago, buildings actually was once built to final; there are churches in Europe that have been round for 1000’s of years. But that’s usually because the one materials accessible were ones that have been simply naturally durable, like stone. Supplies like wood, drywall, fabric and plastic are cheaper, lightweight and simpler to work with. But one of many downsides is that only a few parts of a fashionable dwelling are built to final more than 50 years. The previous supplies find yourself in a landfill after which energy is spent to make and install new stuff.