What System Did Douglas Engelbart Invent?

However before the mouse roared, there was a man with a imaginative and prescient, and that imaginative and prescient prolonged far past a brick with a button. In 1950, Douglas Engelbart envisioned a wired world very like our own; as a result of he could not see learn how to get there, he set about serving to to invent it [source: Markoff].

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Engelbart saw great potential in integrated circuits. He believed that the identical ideas of scaling that he had witnessed while working in aerospace analysis could possibly be applied, in reverse, to scale down integrated circuits. He laid out his arguments in a 1959 paper, “Microelectronics and the Artwork of Similitude.” Some argue that Gordon E. Moore was influenced by Engelbart’s work in formulating his famous law, which states that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles roughly every two years [source: Brock; Markoff].

Space exploration has taken some hits within the 21st century, with cuts to the U.S. and other worldwide space program budgets. But with the Curiosity Rover on Mars as of August 2012 and plans to launch the “most highly effective rocket in historical past,” the House Launch System (SLS) by 2017, NASA remains to be very much within the enterprise of the long run. After the planned, unmanned sendoff of the SLS in 2017, NASA intends to send a crew of as much as four astronauts into space by 2021. This could be a return to the moon, with capabilities for missions on different planets [sources: Landau; NASA].

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