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The class is a chart component that contains several nice features:
– handles multiple series
– supports scrolling
– has useful methods to get axis values
– has useful methods to get mouse position
– a few color gradient effects
– any color can be used for borders, grid and background
– multiline title
– multiline legend
– automatic y-axis
– highlights series
– support for different effects
– can be used in delphi 7 and above
Supported chart effects:
– dotted line, smoothed line with B-spline, solid line, dashed line
– pen thickness and pen style
– pen color, border color, grid color, border color
– pen type, grid type
– any color can be used for pen, grid and background
– it’s based on a 3d grid coordinates system
Supported chart styles:
– lines
– smooth line with B-splines
– dots for smooth lines
– supports basic chart of all supported effects
– multiline title
– legend
– automatic y-axis
– highlights series
Supported series types:
– line
– smooth line with B-splines
– dots for smooth lines
– supports basic chart of all supported effects
– multiline title
– legend
– automatic y-axis
– highlights series

One of the default chart styles is
line, smoothed line with B-splines

The lines can be dotted or solid. The B-splines can be of any
B-spline type. A B-spline is a spline function with 2 parameters.
The slope of the spline is determined by the x parameter and the
length of the spline is determined by the y parameter.

The line style can be solid or dotted. Either value is permitted
but not both. If you use both, the color of the line is overridden.
If you specify a dotted line, the line width is equal to the stroke
width. If you specify a solid line, the line width is zero.

B-splines have various effects. They are
smooth, dotted, dashed, wavy and even wiggly lines. They also
have various line types: none, flat, round, round outside,
round inside. They can be round, square, square inside or
square inside.

By default, the chart styles are
lines, smooth lines with B-spl

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Three-dimensional chart, graph, and diagram generator. Developed
with Delphi. Multi-line titles, legends, multiple series,
interpolated lines with B-splines, and automatic scale.
Supports monochromatic graphics (this mode is activated by
calling DrawMonochrome()). Supports two styles of legends,
default and custom. Supports most button and control
types from standard TChart.

Multi-line titles, legends, and series types
Custom and default styles of legends
Interpolated lines with B-splines
Gradient fill and gradients in series
Movable axes to different positions
Two-dimensional scrollbars and zoom
Axis shift when clicking in the middle of an axis
Custom mouse cursor
Automatic scaling of the chart with user-supplied position
and size of it
Zooming to axis min/max values by clicking on the grid (15×15)
Drawing lines in plot area and obtaining their x and y
values (XSeries.GetValue(AX) and YSeries.GetValue(AY))
Drawing single series using a button

I’m showing a small (0.8 MB) demo here. It shows the smooth line style with multi-line titles, legend and scrollbars. It uses the multi-line series like this:
//* A regular series
MySeries: TNiceSeries;
MySeries := NewMultiLineSeries(10);

// Set Title
MySeries.Title := ‘My Series’;

// Remove Legend
MySeries.Legend := nil;

// Add it to the chart

// Set Line Style
MySeries.Style := fsSmooth;

// Add it to the chart

// Add second series to the chart
MySeries2: TNiceSeries;
MySeries2 := NewMultiLineSeries(10);

// Set Title
MySeries2.Title := ‘My Series 2’;

// Set Line Style
MySeries2.Style := fsSmooth;

// Add it to the chart

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A simple chart component with only a few primary features. It is a TChart descendant component and can be mixed with other chart controls. A chart is implemented as a class. To create one, use a TChart.Create method. To manipulate the chart data set, use TChartDataSet.
The chart renders a 3D rendering of lines, smooth lines and bars. The maximum number of series is limited only to the number of available series draw modes. Smooth lines can have their width and length specified through the B-spline curve parameters.
The title can be multilined and centered, and can have a unique style specified for every title in the chart. The chart is fully scalable both in X and Y axes, and the automatic values of X and Y axis are aligned to zero.
Each series can have a different style, and multiline. The components render a different style and color for every series, or it can be automatically assigned a color or style for every series. The automatic values of X and Y axis are aligned to zero. The graph is rendered using a built-in monochrome data set brush. The monochrome brush supports only basic functions, i.e. fill, stroke, shade, and fillGradient.
Note: Currently is only supports monochrome.


adding year to date field in access query

I have a date field in an access query that is populated from a different field called “DATES” which is a varchar field. The date field consists of the year, month, and day.
I have been trying to use this query:

I have attempted to add the year to the dates field, but keep getting the error message “Data type mismatch in criteria expression”
I know it’s something with the Date() function but I can’t seem to find out how to make it work.


You can use the DATEVALUE function to create a date from a string, and the YEAR function to extract the year from a date:

What’s New In?

This is a simple chart component with nice features I’m not going to write in detail. If you are not interested in the gory details, here is the description.
NiceChart is a chart component that contains three types of line objects: lines, smooth lines with B-splines and bars. All three types of line objects are built on an XY-axis. X-axis represents number of days since some year. Y-axis represents value of the integer function f(x) = x^2. Each line object has a set of y-values. NiceChart draws lines between these values.
Linear-interpolated line has one parameter: ColorIndex that represents the color of line. Smooth lines are interactive; you can change color by using paint box. B-spline line has one parameter: SplinePoints that represents the number of spline points on the line. The more spline points on the line, the smoother it looks.
The nice chart also have nice features. For instance, if you want to animate a line from left to right, NiceChart enables it by default. Any line drawn on one axis can be removed by calling EndUpdate method. You can also add multiple series and change their order. Most importantly, NiceChart doesn’t require a lot of graphic resources.
Minor Bugs:
1. When series have the same x-coordinate, a gap is left between them.
2. Line that is pasted to the canvas doesn’t have a line style.
3. The undo/redo is working only with the line objects. Line objects are removed by calling RemoveSeries method and re-added by calling AddSeries method.
4. The property Grid can be adjusted only by DoubleClick event.
5. It isn’t possible to redraw the chart by clicking on the canvas.
6. The property ColorIndex for smooth lines that is color of the line is defined in the unit, thus it is global for all the chart components.
7. The property SplinePoints of b-spline line is global for all the chart components.
8. I don’t have a good reason to disable Interpolation property for smooth lines. I also don’t have a good reason to disable AutoSize property. However, most of my charts have a lot of series. AutoSize of a small series messes up this property.
Please report bugs to me.
Don’t hesitate to suggest enhancements or features. I welcome

System Requirements For NiceChart:

OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP2
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: 1GB VRAM
Hard Drive: 15GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0
Windows Updates: This game requires Microsoft Windows 10 update 17134 or later
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-3320
Memory: 4GB RAM