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You can often save a lot of time by starting your image with a non-destructive template. Many cameras and imaging software programs come with templates in the form of a jpeg file that you can import directly.

Digital photography has helped Photoshop evolve into a powerful tool for enhancing and manipulating images. In earlier versions, such as version 1, Photoshop merely allowed for the creation and storage of raster images. However, newer versions allow for the creation of vector or bitmap images as well.

With the latest version of Photoshop, CS6, Photoshop now also has the ability to create and edit a wider variety of output formats, such as video, tablets, and even set up portable devices that can display or output images. In addition, you can import PDF files to enhance a raster image.

Photoshop is a very complex program with an intuitive interface, powerful effects, and a multitude of ways to use all the new and enhanced features in the newest version. In the following sections, I give you an overview of the standard Photoshop interface so that you can choose the menus and tools that work best for you.

Quickly launching Photoshop

The main options for opening Photoshop are the Minimize and Restore function keys on your keyboard. When you press the Minimize function key, Photoshop appears in a small window on the left side of your screen, and when you press the Restore function key, Photoshop appears in a large window on the right side of your screen.

If you press either of the function keys again, Photoshop returns to its previous appearance. You can also quickly launch Photoshop by opening the ‘’ file directly from your hard drive.

Regardless of which way you launch Photoshop, after a few seconds you see the Photoshop Welcome screen as shown in the following illustration.

The Photoshop Welcome screen is where you launch most of your Photoshop functions. It provides a video tutorial, copyright information, and suggests how to best use some of the new features in the latest version of Photoshop. You find the Welcome screen by opening the file directly from your hard drive.

You can customize the Welcome screen to suit your preferences by choosing a different user name and password for Photoshop.

Opening a New Photoshop Project

To create a new Photoshop image or project, you must first choose a new name for the document. Select the New Document option on the Photoshop Welcome screen. After you name the project, you can use the Digital Photo Library or the Organizer window to

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Think of Photoshop Elements as a large version of Adobe Photoshop, which is an online photo editor developed by Adobe. You can upload and edit images online, but if you prefer a software application, you can use Photoshop Elements to download, edit and print photos.

There are many other cool features in Photoshop Elements. Even though it is not as flexible as Photoshop, you will still find a number of cool features in Photoshop Elements.

Here is a list of what you can do with Photoshop Elements.

1. Create a New Image

The main purpose of the first menu is to create a new image. If you click on “Photograph”, Photoshop Elements will offer a list of projects you can choose from.

You can use any of them to create a new image. We will explore all the options now.

In the “Photograph” menu, click on “Create a New Image”. This will take you to the “New” dialogue.

Click on “Photograph” (if you see “Photograph: Edit in Camera RAW”, click on that instead).

The top option is “Edit in Camera RAW”. Click on that. If you want to create a new file, click on “Create a New File”. Otherwise, Photoshop Elements will open the file for editing in Camera RAW.

Photoshop Elements will open the camera raw file in the window. You can edit the image in Camera RAW and save the changes.

Photoshop Elements is not as powerful as the desktop version of Photoshop. In fact, it does not have all the powerful tools, but it gives you a fast way to create images in no time.

You can add text, text shapes, text boxes, add borders, add frames, change colors, crop an image and do many other things quickly.

2. Image Resize

When you edit a photo in Photoshop Elements, you can save the image as a specific resolution. For example, you can save a photo as a 3264×2448 pixel image. But if you want to edit a photo again, you will have to save the image with a smaller resolution.

In the menu bar, click on “Image Size”.

The top option is “Resize”. Select the image you want to resize.

When you select an image, Photoshop Elements will display

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For those people who prefer a more intuitive user experience, Photoshop Elements is the default Photoshop toolset. It allows you to use the same tools found in the standard, full version of Photoshop, while removing some features.
You can add adjustment layers, create custom brushes, and build images in more than one layer, among other features.
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Brushes and the Clone Stamp work the same way as in the standard version of Photoshop, but to access the options of the different tools, select the tools and press either the F key or Ctrl/Cmd+click/Right-click.

In this step, we’ll cover the basics of how to use the toolbox. As you progress with your photography, you’ll have more and more creative freedom and Photoshop will expand to meet your needs.

1. Using the Brush Tool

Select the Brush tool from the toolbox, then select an option, as shown in the following picture:

Select _Medium-sized round_, _Reflected Round_, or _Stroke, Gradient, Pattern or Texture_ option.

The brush features a size, hardness (sensitivity), opacity, and whether it should be loaded into the toolbox. To select an option, press A. You’ll see the following menu.

To alter the brush properties, hold down the Alt key while you click on an option. The following steps explain the different options, and how to choose them.

Freehand option

The Freehand tool is good to use if you want to get started quickly, but you don’t want to use the specific tool. It allows you to draw a shape with the mouse and use it to create paths and paths with the Pen tool.

The Pen tool in the toolbox displays with a white outline of the path, the same way you see when you’ve created a new path. You can erase a path with the Eraser tool.

To select the Freehand tool, click on the tool, then click on either the Pen or Eraser tool and press the Alt key. The Freehand tool will appear on the main toolbox. Then click on the Brush icon.

Choose the Pen tool option from the next menu, as shown below. The Freehand tool and Pen tool will be visible in the toolbox:

To select the other

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I am using Python to run a 2D game on a Raspberry Pi 3 board. To change time and update my screen, I am using the Python console.
However, any change I do in the console won’t update my screen: everything stays the same. I am using the command line environment of Raspbian Stretch, which uses bash.
Also, when I work with the Python console from the Raspbian desktop environment, everything works fine.
How can I make it work with the Python console?


This question has been answered in my comment. I’ll just make it an answer so that others can find it as well.
You may have to use a global import instead of using the console if you want to use Python’s non-interactive functionality.
from tkinter import *
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