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As with any hobby, Photoshop has both pros and cons. For pros: Quick and easy to learn and understand. For cons: Too easy to use, and lazier versions of some important tools are built in.

You can find Photoshop at

As a beginner who has trouble knowing what to do with a program, you may be bewildered with so much to learn about Photoshop. In fact, the problem is so large and so complex that you may never learn much about the application. In this case, you can pick up a one-on-one tutorial from a seasoned Photoshop professional who has taught thousands of others. The best way to learn is hands on, however.

Hands-On Photoshop Tasks

The best way to learn is to actually do things. Follow these general steps for handling a few of the most common editing tasks:

1. Open a file.

2. Expand the layers by making them visible.

3. Change the look and feel of the file.

4. Create a new layer, and edit it to make changes.

5. Add text to the new layer.

6. Add special effects to the new layer.

7. Merge the file into a single layer to save time and make it easier to manage layers.

8. Apply the new layer.

9. Save and close the file.

Read each of these steps one at a time and try them in order, and you’ll be able to build a solid skill set in a relatively short time.

In this section, I show you how to perform the same basic editing and compositing tasks in Photoshop that I do in my own projects. I use Photoshop in my classroom and studio, so I have a lot of experience performing these tasks. However, you can find all of the same tools and techniques in the application.

Figure 6-1 shows you a typical file you might open in Photoshop. This is a stock photo of a young woman, labeled by Photoshop to show the type of edits that you can perform. It’s a face-up high-contrast file, and the left side of the layer is visible.

Photoshop layers are specifically named to make layer management and editing easier. For example, as shown in Figure 6-2, Photoshop has three layers for this photo: The Background, Face, and Hair layers. These layers have specific names that enable you to have

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Elements has the same menus, palettes and option dialogues as Photoshop. Its tools include the Brush Tool, the Selection Tool, the History panel, layers, tools for the creation of layers, and adjustment layers.

Table of Contents

How to use Photoshop Elements for designing E-commerce websites? We have given some answers to common questions of most of the E-commerce designers and Photoshop Elements users. Some of the major questions will be answered in this article.

When should I use Photoshop Elements?

Some basic tutorials on Elements are available on the Adobe website:

How do I edit and create images with Elements? This video tutorial helps you get started with Elements.

Elements can be used for designing web pages, and here is another tutorial on how to use Elements to design eCommerce websites:

When should I use Photoshop for designing eCommerce websites?

Use Photoshop for designing Ecommerce websites only when you need specific features for designing eCommerce websites.

Some of the common use cases for Photoshop are listed below:

Photo editing, Background replacement,

E-commerce website design,


Theme design for eCommerce websites,

High resolution photos to showcase on a website,

Any other design needs,


It is likely that Photoshop will make a huge comeback with the rise of the web. Almost every professional designer uses Photoshop to design eCommerce websites. In the next few years Photoshop may become as important as a stencil or a pen for designers.

How do I transfer/move Photoshop Elements project files to another computer for editing?

There is no built-in feature in Photoshop Elements for backing up your project files. However you may use the USB memory sticks to move files from one computer to another computer.

When you copy the files from a USB memory stick to another computer, you may choose to keep the original files or just copy the files. The latter allows you to simply work on the files and not spend time on backing up the files.

Backing Up Image Files

Lets say you have created a digital portfolio on a new computer. If you do not have a working backup of your digital portfolio, you would need to spend hours downloading all the images from your laptop to your new computer.

Go to “File > File Options > Send as > Device”. Select the location to copy the files from your

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