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MetaTrader Forex Copier Free is a handy and reliable software designed to help users copy trades between any MetaTrader 4 accounts.

The application can be used by individual traders who can manage several accounts at the same time, as well as by professional traders who want to start signal services.

Moreover, with the help of MetaTrader Forex Copier Free, you have the possibility to view the evolution of your trades and set to be notified each time changes occur.

MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Screenshots:


The application includes all the functions listed in the table below.

In a nutshell, MetaTrader Forex Copier Free allows you to:

Sync accounts and set to view the current value, create orders, amend orders, copy orders and more between your accounts.

View your trades, copy them to your accounts and set them to be executed on the exchange you choose

Set automatic orders.

Set filters to get more precise results.

Copy orders, accounts and symbols to the Clipboard.

Set to be notified when trades occur and created, as well as manage your Time Frame and even set your Stop Losses.

The application was designed for the following platforms:


Mac OS X

MetaTrader 4, 5, 5 PRO, 6, 6 PRO

The application is compatible with all the MetaTrader 4 versions. It can also be used with other brokers and platforms.

It can be downloaded from your broker’s website for free.

If you use a mobile device to trade, the application is also available on IOS and Android. The app is free.

MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Review:

MetaTrader Forex Copier Free is not only a reliable trading tool, but it is also a powerful and effective tool. The software is packed with powerful features which can help you to gain more profit from the trading.

Firstly, the application allows you to view and copy your orders with an extremely easy user interface. Each line appears as a row with its different information, which can easily be read and understood. Also, you can copy an entire order to set it to be executed. The application can even manage multiple accounts and use the same order for all of them. All the orders you copy to your accounts are considered to be “active” and can be amended. Moreover,

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MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Features:

– Copy trades between MetaTrader 4 accounts.
– Create charts as well as collect and view data during trading.
– Setting of the drop mode.
– Checking open orders and managed trades.
– Set up SMS notifications.
– Reset configuration to the default parameters.

MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Installation:

– The software does not require special installation procedures.
– Please run the demo version of the program to familiarize yourself with its functions before purchasing.
– The buyer may check the compatibility of the offered software with his existing MetaTrader 4.
– The buyer has a possibility to download a demo version of the solution.

MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Cracks:

System Requirements:

– The system requirements for Windows use.
– Hardware requirements:
– 1 GHz CPU
– 2 GB of RAM
– 160 MB of free space in the hard drive.

– Software requirements:
– 512 MB of free space on the system hard drive.
– 384 MB of free space on the system hard drive.
– The system needs the following applications:
– MetaTrader 4.
– Update.
– The printer driver for the desired printer and its connection.

MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Key Features:

– Allows you to check the content of each order in the following form:
– Information about orders of cash and non-cash types.
– Data for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly change.
– Optimized porting of orders into the business plan.
– Main account.
– Cash, bond and margin accounts.
– Trading with the help of the technical analysis.
– Multiple graphs for pairs and currencies:
– Trading on the graph.
– Detailed analysis of the market.
– Settings.
– Sending alerts to the mobile phone and others.
– Session of the formation of trading strategies.

MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Download Full Version

MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Latest Version With Crack

How To Install MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Latest Version?

1-Download and Extract the file.
2-Open the file and run it.
3-Fill in the information about registration.By Detector | November 11, 2010

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MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Crack + License Key [Latest] 2022

The program is developed on the basis of a proxy server technology that uses web-crawling and spidering to copy trades from a master account to a slave one with the minimum of personal data transfer.

The application doesn’t require MetaTrader 4 to be installed or installed at your computer. The main purpose of this tool is to gather and transfer data from a single master to several slave accounts.
Key features:
– copy trades between different accounts;
– share trade history on news sites;
– view historical data in one chart;
– efficient data transfer;
– Android and Windows support.
MetaTrader Forex Copier Free is an easy to use, one-time investment that will allow you to set up your own Forex copy service and then to earn from your work.
[x] Requirements:
– 1.8GHz CPU or faster;
– 1 GB of RAM.

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What’s New in the MetaTrader Forex Copier Free?

✓ A simple and useful tool to help you to copy trades automatically between any MetaTrader 4 accounts.
✓ Quick start-up. Beginners will have no difficulty in using the app.
✓ Copy trades of Forex to/from all the currencies in the MetaTrader 4 platform.  
✓ Multiple trade signals.  
✓ Very easy to use.  
✓ Database-driven. Free of any interaction with the customer. 
✓ Settings to be customised. 
MetaTrader Forex Copier Free Supported Currencies:

MetaTrader Forex Copier Free FAQ:
Is MetaTrader Forex Copier Free safe to use?
To our knowledge, the answer is Yes. The software is 100% safe, as it runs on your browser without installing any software.
However, it is important that you understand that since the application is designed to help you copy trading from one MetaTrader 4 accounts to another (Forex, stock, etc.), it is an online application and as such it has certain risks.
How to transfer profit from one account to the other?
At this stage, all that you need to do is to send a copy of the trade to another account. In order to do this, you will need to set up the transfer when you are in the “account signals” section. That’s all.

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System Requirements For MetaTrader Forex Copier Free:

An Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
800×600 resolution
OS X 10.6.7
At the end of the credits, you’ll be presented with a game-over screen.
Left click to continue and Right Click to quit.
Made for OS X 10.6.7.
Version 0.1
Version 0.2
Version 0.3
Version 0.4
Version 0.5
Version 0.6
Version 0.7

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