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Kamaz semi-artificial and mineral diesel engine oils are intended for buses, street-constructing equipment and other vehicles complying with the Euro 2 emission commonplace. Mineral and semi-synthetic Kamaz Optimum is to be used in the newest generations of heavy-duty truck engines that includes exhaust fuel recirculation programs and assembly Euro 3 and Euro four standards. Kamaz Professional is a low-SAPS (that is, low in sulfated ash, phosphorus, sulfur) artificial engine oil for запчасти к камазу contemporary diesel engines used in severe circumstances.

In 1981-87, underneath the second director normal Vasiliy Faustov, manufacturing and inventive energy superior with seven-league strides at KAMAZ. Every year new models had been developed, designed and produced. Three basic fashions of a “Mustang” family of army automobiles were created, now they’re utilized by the RF Ministry of Protection. Many advanced and breakthrough ideas of KAMAZ designers of these years couldnt be realized then as a result of there have been no acceptable technical feasibilities within the country, and a few of them couldnt be implemented even for political causes. These concepts had been realized at the start of the brand new century – with KAMAZs improved and developed technical capacities and know-how. In the course of the passed 35 years, three generations of KAMAZ designers headed by Vladimir Barun, Ramil Azamatov, and Danis Valeev, have developed over 1,500 models, modifications, and kits in all.

The gearbox also had improvements – in addition there was a 2-pace gearbox, which was installed after the clutch, and went in entrance of the principle 5-speed synchronized gearbox. The truck is geared up with a number of brake techniques: service, parking, auxiliary and spare. Every system is utilized beneath certain driving situations.

The set of trucks from world manufacturers who release the identical modifications, as well as KAMAZ can be offered on the market of particular tools, however most of residents of Kazakhstan, Russia and different CIS nations prefer to make use of KAMAZ on which spare parts are a lot cheaper, than on import trucks, and restore is less complicated. Always it is feasible to purchase any components on KAMAZ-53215 and different fashions for cheap prices from the official supplier.