ISK – Why is the Indonesian Refillable Vape market so sizzling?

Within the Indonesian digital cigarette market, disposable vape have also begun to develop into well-liked, and the real popular product is the disposable Refillable Vape, about 95% market share.

First, the consumer market potential of Indonesia’s Refillable Vape. The market worth of Indonesia’s e-cigarettes will attain US$239 million in 2021, and it is expected to continue to achieve potential development via 2026.

Second, Indonesia has low tariffs and inclined insurance policies, and Chinese e-cigarettes are exported to Indonesia without paying export tariffs;

This can be mirrored in Indonesia’s support for the e-cigarette industry. Indonesia has planned a big-scale e-cigarette industrial park and invited some Chinese firms to settle in.

Third, Indonesia is at the moment in a state of weak supervision of the e-cigarette industry. Indonesia is the only country in Southeast Asia that permits TV and media to publish tobacco advertisements.

Subsequently, even when the consumption tax rate isn’t low, the compound growth rate of the Indonesian cartridge Refillable Vape market is still as high as 34.5%.

Fourth, driven by multinational tobacco firms, Indonesia’s attraction to multinational tobacco firms is just not unrelated to its complicated tax laws.

Indonesia is predicted to boost the country’s financial system through excise tax on e-cigarettes.

In Indonesia’s current 2023 Government Funds and Expenditure Conference (RAPBN), the government aimed to obtain 245.forty five trillion rupiah from tobacco excise tax (CHT), which is just like 2022. Compared with the target of 224.2 trillion rupiah, the increase is as high as 9.5%.

ISK Vape think that disposable Refillable Vape in Indonesia keep growing with 20% every year.

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