What is Physical Crypto-Currency?


In short, ‘physical crypto coins’ are real, metallic coins that have a theme relating to crypto-currency. Some of these coins act as cold-storage devices and thus ‘hold’ actual Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or other digital assets. Others are simply coins/tokens struck in silver, gold, or copper that somehow commemorate or refer to the phenomenon of crypto-currency. Many of them are highly collectible and valuable due to their rarity.

This website is dedicated to these coins. We value them because we consider them to be the most visible ‘physical artifacts’ of the proliferation of crypto-currency. We believe that digital currency’s ultimate significance will be comparable to that of the internet itself, and these coins are highly symbolic of it.

This site is run by Elias Ahonen, ‘the crypto-numismatist’. He is the author of The Encylopedia of Physical Crypto-Currencies’ first published in April 2016.