Hands-on With SWTOR’s Subsequent Book: Deceived

Deceived explores the results the destruction of the Jedi temple and the Sacking of Coruscant has on three people: Darth Malgus, Aryn Leneer, and Zeerid Korr. Darth Malgus, as I discussed, was the Sith Lord who led the assault on the Jedi Temple. Aryn Leneer was a Jedi Knight and former apprentice to Master Ven Zallow. Zeerid Korr was a reluctant Smuggler who has a history with Aryn. Although the Sacking of Coruscant eventually brings them collectively, there’s a stronger connection between the trio: love. Now, I don’t need you to get all mushy at this point. The guide is not a romance light novel — far from it. The English phrase love is way too restricted. Right on the entrance of the novel, we study that each of those characters is in love (with different individuals).

Disney Pixar’s game, codenamed “Rush,” will scan and deposit you and your diminutive kin into the fantastic worlds seen in 5 Pixar films: The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Toy Story 3 and Automobiles 2. It sounds like you’ll be able to count on some minigames while you are in there, although Microsoft prefers to call them “exciting challenges.” (Certainly one of them is pictured above.)

Another no-brainer transfer from iOS to the Mac: Apple’s Display Time controls. It can be inaccurate to describe these purely as parental controls, because a grown-up may use it to gauge which apps and notifications are sucking up essentially the most time. That said, many of the choices here — content restrictions, enforced media scores, app time limits — seem designed for folks. If you wanted, you would block sure apps altogether; forestall a toddler from putting in or deleting apps or making in-app purchases; or select age rankings for apps, motion pictures and TVs, with separate choices to exclude books, music, podcasts, Apple Information tales and web sites with specific content.