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* **Adobe Photoshop Elements:** This free version of Photoshop is targeted at beginners who are exploring the possibilities of the program. It offers the same basic tools as the professional version, with additional work areas and tools.
* **Adobe Photoshop CS:** A powerful edition of Photoshop that enables you to address advanced editing tasks and create advanced projects. It enables you to save files in a special RAW format as well as the more common TIFF format.
* **Adobe Photoshop Lightroom:** This simple-to-use program, available for the Macintosh and Windows computer platforms, supports a camera DNG file format that is _not_ RAW. The great thing about Lightroom is its ability to organize and enhance image files with a feature called the _digital darkroom._
* **Digital camera images:** If you’re going to be working with camera images, you need to look for RAW camera file format support.
* **Digital photo imaging hardware:** The latest high-speed medium-format E-M1D and E-M5D cameras allow you to shoot high-quality images in RAW format.
* **Photoshop brushes:** Brushes are the finest tool that Photoshop provides to alter a photograph. A Photoshop brush is a special brush that requires a special program to open and use.

Keep in mind that although Adobe offers many different image-editing applications, each of them edits a specific kind of image. For example, Adobe Flash Studio, the version of the Flash program that comes with the Flash Player, is designed to edit Flash _animation_ files. If you use Flash Studio to edit your photos, then you can’t use Photoshop to edit the same file because both use different file types. However, you can still use Photoshop Elements to edit the same file and then convert it to the correct file format, but you still can’t edit the file with Adobe Flash Studio, even though it’s a Flash program.

You must have a version of Adobe Photoshop Elements for the graphic designer in your life, or perhaps you’re the graphic designer for the family. In that case, you probably need to upgrade to Photoshop CS to use the tools and features that are most useful for this type of work.

Photoshop Pattern Brushes Free Download [Latest 2022]

Learn how to use Photoshop Elements to edit and create images.

NOTE: The built-in tutorial in Photoshop Elements 12, 13 or 15 is for the Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 program.


Follow this tutorial to learn how to use Photoshop Elements to edit an image.

In this tutorial we will learn the following:

Choosing and editing images. When and where to use Photoshop Elements on your images. Selecting the image to use. Resizing and cropping the image. Using advanced editing tools, retouching, coloring and adding blur filters. Saving your images. Adding text to your images. Composing the image for sharing.

1. Start Photoshop Elements and open an image

In order to work in Photoshop Elements, you will need the following program installed on your computer:

Free download:

Click to download Photoshop Elements 12, 13 or 15.

2. Change the program icon and image

Click the file and change the program icon.

Make sure the image you want to use is selected, right-click it and choose Image > Open, or press Command-O.

3. Open the program

The image you selected is now opened in the program.

You can now start to edit the image.

Start the editing of the image by clicking Start Editing. You can also open an image by pressing the Ctrl+Spacebar key combination.

4. Starting the editing process

Open the image in the layers panel.

Click the OK, Done or Close button in the top-left corner of the program, depending on which tab you are on.

Each tab will have a slightly different look and function.

We’ll work with the Layers tab now. Clicking the Preview button will open the image in a separate window.

You can also just view the image by pressing the Spacebar key combination.

If you change a layer, you can view it in the layers panel by clicking the tab.

To close the program press the Esc key.

5. Editing the image using the Layers panel

The Layers panel can be very useful to create and edit multiple images in one step.

In the Layers panel, you will see a number of Layers on the left side.

You can drag the Layers to rearrange them.

Click on the image you want to edit and drag it to

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