For Sturdiness And Passenger Security

The KAMAZ Typhoon is protected in opposition to small arms fire and directed explosives by the use of a sound armor scheme (utilizing a mix of steel and ceramics), детали камаза bullet-resistant windows, bolstered seating and chassis understructure, and high floor clearance. State-of-the-art methods inside allow for elevated situational awareness. The 21 ton automobile features run-flat tires and an adjustable trip top. Suspension is across all wheels for off road comfort. Additional crew and passenger comfort is provided by means of an integral air filtration unit and HVAC system. A typical working crew is 2 with vehicle-fashion doorways fitted for straightforward entry/entry of the cab whereas passenger seating can fit up to sixteen within the rear cabin. Seats are arranged alongside the cabin walls going through inwards and include restraints for bumpy travel or within the case the automobile overturns. For sturdiness and passenger security, the seats are joined to the hull at their upper part versus their lower region. A ramp on the rear hull wall lowers to supply wider access to the passenger area and roof hatches are additionally accessible as is a starboard-aspect mounted rectangular door. Gun ports alongside the hull partitions permit passengers to have interaction outside threats with their private weapons.

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Brady claimed the Soviets had been diverting trucks and engines from the plant for military purposes. He additionally stated there was evidence Kama River autos are being despatched to other Warsaw Pact nations, in “clear violation” of U.S. export management legal guidelines. Brady charged that Marcuss and different Commerce officials “misled” Congress in testifying that U.S. export management laws were effectively preventing the move of important technology to the Soviet Union.