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This guide is designed to provide beginners with information on the features of Photoshop and how to use them. Even experienced users can learn new techniques to use Photoshop. In this article, you will learn how to create and edit images with features such as the Lasso tool, Eraser tool, and Levels tool.

Preparing images for Photoshop

Photoshop comes with a built-in Image Adjustment panel that includes common tools for enhancing images. You can use the adjustment panel to make minor changes to images. It also lets you adjust the white balance of an image, and correct exposure, saturation, and color. In short, you can use the Image Adjustment Panel as a guide to creating correct images.

However, when making complicated edits to an image, it is often better to convert the image to another format. The best format to use for large and complex images depends on your design needs and requirements.

There are two steps in converting an image to another format. If you choose to convert an image to another format, the steps are:

Import an image into Photoshop using the Format Painter. Modify the image with the image editing tools in Photoshop. Export the image to a new format using the Edit menu.

While it is possible to choose any format, Photoshop image files use the RGB color model. Additionally, Photoshop image files are 8-bits per channel. The RGB color model that Photoshop uses is a red, green, and blue color model. The 8-bit per channel file format lets you store more color information than the 24-bit color format used by many other image-editing applications.

Unfortunately, not all hardware and operating systems can read images in the RGB format. The image format that is native to most operating systems is the 24-bit TIFF file format. However, using a TIFF file format that supports 8-bit channels slows down processing time and file storage. This is why Photoshop makes use of a 24-bit RGB color model file format.

Importing an image into Photoshop

Importing an image into Photoshop makes a copy of the original image. Once you import an image into Photoshop, you will be able to use all of the tools Photoshop provides.

Open your image in Photoshop using the Adobe Photoshop Editor. If you are using an operating system that does not support saving in the.psd file format, you can convert the image into a different format. See the next section for information on converting a.psd file image

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Since it is an alternative to Photoshop for some and a competitor for others, it is a great learning tool for anyone who is looking to sharpen up their Photoshop skills.

In this guide, I have compiled a list of some of the Photoshop Tips that I think are the most useful for people just learning Photoshop.

I am by no means a Photoshop expert, but I’ve taught myself a couple of things so hopefully, my list of helpful tips can help you too.

1. Select all and change the object

Photoshop Elements has a very limited feature set when it comes to selection. But you should still know how to select objects in Photoshop so that you can select all objects on the page. Here’s a quick guide on how to select multiple objects in Photoshop.

2. Save your file

The Save option is accessible from the File menu. To access it, simply click on the File menu. Then navigate to Save. All of the options are exactly the same as Photoshop – single file or multiple files, compression, naming, etc.

3. Learn Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

The best way to learn Photoshop shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts is to practice what you’ve learnt. The shortcut keys are not as intuitive as you might think. They are not what you might think, but they are the shortcuts used by professionals.

So if you see a textbox that looks like the one above, then clicking the button at the top left of the textbox will open a menu box that will have options to format the text. You can change the font type, change the font size, etc. Below the menu box is a drop down list of every single possible text formatting option you can do to the text in the textbox.

To change these options, click on the button at the top left. The menu box will open. Click on the text formatting menu option and you will see every possible text formatting option that you can use.

You can copy and paste by clicking on the Copying and Pasting tool icon. Then, highlight the text that you want to copy and then select the tool that you want to paste in the copied text.

See below:

4. Change and access advanced tool

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Immutable.js is not working as expected

I’m trying to create a first immuable test with this code. Here, I am trying to setup the first configurable user, but my function is not allowing me to save or get the user.
const word = ‘hello’
const count = 2
const score = 0

const config = {
configurable: {
testWord: {
hasScores: false
testWords: [‘word’, ‘world’],
testWord: [count, score]

describe(‘Creating first immutable user with a configurable’, () => {
it(‘should be a configurable’, () => {
expect(typeof config).toBe(‘object’)
it(‘has an identity’, () => {
it(‘should be configurable’, () => {
expect(config.configurable instanceof Immutable.Record(config.configurable)).toBeTruthy()
it(‘should be a configurable instance’, () => {
it(‘should be a configurable instance’, () => {
expect(config.configurable.testWord instanceof Immutable.Set([‘world’, ‘hello’])).toBeTruthy()
it(‘has a testWord’, () => {
expect(config.configurable.testWord instanceof Immutable.List).toBeTruthy()
expect(config.configurable.testWord instanceof Immutable.List).toBeTruthy()
it(‘has no errors’, () => {

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Javascript Regex with space or comma

I am working with a woocommerce add to cart extension and I am running into an issue. When the “add to cart button” is pressed the “product ID” value is assigned to the “” variable. This is the code I am currently using.
if ($(“#add-to-cart span”).length > 0) {
add_to_cart = $(“#add-to-cart span”).text();
} else {
add_to_cart = $(“#add-to-cart”).text();

var addToCart = /\/\/product\/\d+\/$/;

if (addToCart.test(add_to_cart)) {
$(“#add-to-cart button”).removeAttr(“disabled”);
} else {
$(“#add-to-cart button”).attr(“disabled”, “disabled”);

The issue I am running into is that Woocommerce is assigning the product ID as the only product it has in the cart. The product ID is product ID: “(real product ID here)” – so I know the woocommerce_add_to_cart method is working fine, but the regex I have right now just matches anything with a space or comma.
Is there a way for me to change my regex to limit the value to that of the real product id?
Thanks in advance!


You can use this regex, which also limits the product id to between 1 and 4 digits, optionally with any number of spaces and commas:
1-4 digits
optional spaces and commas


System Requirements:

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