Crypto Imperator

Crypto Imperator launched in June 2014, with a small batch of coins shipping from Spain.Their first coins were not denominated in bitcoin, but dogecoin which is an alternate digitalcurrency with similar functions as Bitcoin.Based on a meme, the DOGE currency itself was actually started as a joke in December2013. It quickly gained widespread popularity and user-base reaching a market cap above77 million USD in less than three months. From a market perspective, DOGE users weregenerally seen as being less serious and possessing smaller amounts of crypto-currency.Dogecoin was an effective catalyst in educating a larger amount of people about cryptocurrency,providing an easy and fun entry-point.From a market perspective, DOGE users were less likely to pay for luxurious coins madeof precious metals. Instead, Crypto Imperator designed cheap coins that, at only 10 USD,could be bought without much thought to serve as a keepsake or conversation pieces. Whenpaying for a Crypto Imperator coin, payment and ‘funding amount’ were sent separately,but each coin was not directly funded by the buyer. For example, when purchasing three10,000 DOGE coins, the customer would be asked to provide payment and shipping in onepayment, and send 30,000 DOGE to a separate address.Crypto Imperator has been successful in expanding their business. In addition to a BTCdenominated coin and a 1oz silver 100,000 DOGE coin, Crypto Imperator has released avery small run of ten .999 Gold 1,000,000 DOGE coins, making them one of the very fewmanufacturers to mint solid gold crypto coins.