V-Series One Bitcoin

Manufacturer: BTCC
Year: 2016
Denomination: 1 BTC
Type: PF

Type Mintage
Original 1375
Gold Pl. 100
TOTAL 1475



The 1 BTC coin was marketed
as the ideal physical bitcoin, and
being backed by one of the biggest
names in Bitcoin certainly gives
credence to the claim. The coin is
made of pure titanium, which is
known for not only its strength, but
also its anti-corrosive properties.
The coins have a very ‘strong’ build,
with bold text deeply indented into
the metal. On the front, the classic
‘B’ is superimposed onto the BTCC
logo. The back has the phrase ‘In
Crypto We Trust’ and ‘1,000,000
Bits’ and a star on both sides,
following a rather standard format
inspired by previously successful
‘classic’ style coins.