V-Series Five Bitcoin

Manufacturer: BTCC
Year: 2016
Denomination: 5 BTC
Type: PF

Diameter Mintage
50 mm 500
43 mm ‘Baby’ 5



This coin commemorates BTCC’s
fifth anniversary in 2016, making
it among the oldest Bitcoin
companies. While it contains all
of the stylings of the 1 BTC coin,
it is larger in size and the back
features the word ‘Five’ in 21
major languages, no doubt a nod to
the 21 million bitcoins which will
theoretically exist one day. There
is a very rare ‘Baby’ version of this
coin which is minted in the same
size as the original 1 BTC coin.
There is no gold plated version like
the one that exists of the 1 BTC
coin. The coins were sold as singles
as well as in sets of two and five.