Unobtanium Silver Wallet

Version Mintage
2014 Silver Pl.
Copper 100
2015 Gold Pl. 29
Material: Silver Pl. Copper
Diameter: 50 x 30 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Weight: 39.5 g
Country: UK



The Unobtanium Bar (Silver Wallet, as it is called by
Anarcoins) is themed after a crypto-currency called
Unobtanium. Although it is struck with the words ‘.999
Fine Silver’, only half (numbers 1-50 and 100-150) of
the bars are actually pure silver whereas the other half
(numbers 51-99 and 151-200) are silver plated copper.
The bars also contain the words ‘Rare, Resilient, Secure’, and come with a security hologram
which the buyer can use to secure their own crypto-currency in a DIY fashion. Of the plated
bars, 25 have been gold plated, and another 4 are gold plated errors.