Titan Bitcoin Titan Half

Manuf. Titan Bitcoin
Year 2014
Denom. 0.5 BTC
Type PF
Mintage 10,000*
Material Goldine
Diameter 34 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Weight 12 g
Country USA



In addition to first-bits, the
hologram features a QR code
visible through the window.
Though there is an announced
limit of 10,000 coins, the actual
production and circulation
numbers are not known. When
the hologram is peeled, it leaves
a ‘VOID VOID VOID’ pattern
making it clear that the private key
has been accessed.
As with the ‘Titan One’, ‘Unum
Pecuniae’ is inscribed on the face,
which is Latin for ‘One currency
for all’.