Supernet 1st Edition Supernet Coin (Silver)

Manuf. Supernet
Year 2015
Denom. Various – N/A
Type Round
Mintage 350
Material .999 Silver
Diameter 39 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Weight 1 ozt
Country USA

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Supernet is an ‘association’
or teamwork initiative by the
developers of several alternative
crypto-currencies to share ideas,
and technologies. Several ‘alt coins’
are part of the association, with
seven of them being featured on
this round. These are (clockwise
from top on the front) Opal,
VPNcoin, Boolberry, BitcoinDark,
Chancecoin, VeriCoin, and NXT.
The Center of the coin features a
large ‘U’, which stands for ‘Unity’ and
is made to resemble a stereotypical
crypto-currency symbol. Though
the backside seems like it could
accommodate a hologram, it is not
meant to do so.