Shibe Mint 2014 Pure Silver Edition

Manuf. Shibe Mint
Year 2014
Denom. 100 DOGE
Type Round
Mintage 2,500
Material .999 Silver
Diameter 39 mm
Thickness 2.6 mm
Weight 1 oz
Country Canada



The production and release of
this silver round was risky, due
to the very high production costs
coupled with such a new and
unpredictable target market.
Indeed at the time that the
minting process was started, it was
impossible to know if Dogecoin
would even be a ‘thing’ by the
time the rounds were ready. The
round design is the same as the
original copper round, except
its ‘D’ side is marked for silver
content and weight along with a
‘100 Dogecoins’ denomination. It
was sold for 35 USD.