Shibe Mint 2014 Pure Copper Edition

Manuf. Shibe Mint
Year 2014
Denom. 1 DOGE
Type Round
Material Copper
Diameter 39 mm
Thickness 2.6 mm
Weight 1 oz
Country Canada



This is the first metal round to
be created for Dogecoin. Among
its main features is a large ‘D’ for
Dogecoin, in contrast with the
‘B’ which is often seen on Bitcoin
rounds and coins. The ‘heads’ side
has the image of a dog, accurately
copied from the original meme
image which is on the right for
comparison. These coins sold for 10
USD each, and were popular with
Dogecoin users who appreciated
a low-cost ‘physical Dogecoin’
similar to what already existed
for Bitcoin. It is denominated as
‘1 Dogecoin’. Several thousand
have been sold. The pictured coin
shows wear from handling.