SerpCoin v0.1

Manuf. SerpCoin
Year 2013
Denom. 0.01 BTC
Type PF
Mintage 48
Material Aluminum
Diameter 31.8 mm
Thickness 1.6 mm
Weight 2.8 g
Country USA



Created by forum user ‘Serp’, these coins
were made using an ink-jet printer to
inscribe the coins before attaching a
hologram sticker onto the Casascius
‘aluminum round’ coins. Serp did
exactly what Casascius had envisioned
when he used his blank rounds to
create his own physical Bitcoin wallets.
These coins are significant because
they mark the first time that Bitcoin
blanks produced by one entity were
used by another individual to make and
successfully sell pre-funded coins. The
‘v0.1’ batch was a pilot test for the later
SerpCoin releases. It is also notable that
this coin is the first containing a serial
number; a practice which has since
become standard.