S2 0.5 BTC 2013 ‘Void Coin’

Manufacturer: Casascius
Year: 2013
Denomination: 0.5 BTC
Type: UF

Material: Brass
Diameter: 25.4 mm
Thickness: 1.5 mm
Weight: 5.55 g
Country: USA
Best Grade: MS-66


These coins were given out to the press as gifts. They are different than typical 0.5 BTC Brass coins in that they have no public or private key, but instead display a repeating “VOID” in the window. These were shown in the movie The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin and were custom made in order not to compromise the private keys while these coins were being assembled on screen. While it is uncertain how many of these were created, it is estimated that roughly 12 were made and given to the press. It is
unknown how many survive today as these may well have been discarded by unknowing recipients who were not collectors, especially considering that these coins contained no bitcoin. A search was conducted by Jon Allen (Bitcointalk.org user ‘Eodguy149’), who got in touch with several members of the media who were associated with the film. He was able to locate three coins by this method.

The coin shown in the picture above is the actual coin owned by the producer, Ben Bledsoe, from the movie.