S1 1 BTC 2011 ‘Double Error’



Manufacturer: Casascius
Year: 2011
Denomination: 1 BTC
Type: PF

Material: Brass
Diameter: 28.5 mm
Thickness: 1.5 mm
Weight: 6.8 g
Country: USA


These five coins are distinctive in having the first-bits, which are usually in the middle of the hologram, printed 3 mm higher than normal.

The specific coins and even load year are unknown, but they are all series 1 1 BTC 2011 ‘Error’ coins, making these five the rarest of the already sought-after variety.

Overlooking the prototype gold coin, this is the rarest Casascius coin. At the time of writing, only two hasve been ‘discovered’. Considering that about a fifth of the series 1 1 BTC 2011 coins have been redeemed, it is probable that not all five remain unredeemed. Of any that have been redeemed, it is very unlikely that the peeled hologram(s) will ever surface as they were not considered worth preserving. Considering also that many early Casascius coins were given as gifts and forgotten, it remains to be seen if more of these coins surface with time.

*These numbers are not subtracted from the series 1 1 BTC 2011 stats.