Recalescence Coins



Recalescence Coins are created by Dustin Freeman of Australia. Though he intended to
produce yearly releases, he only produced one variant. Of this variant, a very small (though
unknown) number received a gold plating on the front side only. Dustin’s original plan was
to sell pre-funded coins, but after Casascius began facing problems with US authorities
(FinCEN), Recalescence Coins also began selling on a ‘DIY’ basis only, with buyers needing
to create their own hologram stickers. As such, any coin with a Recalescence hologram is
fully funded. Interestingly, each funded coin comes with a certificate containing the public
key and an identical hologram (with the same serial number as on the coin).
An interesting thing happened with Recalescence’s first customer. Upon finding out that
they did not receive the coin with a serial number of 01 though they were the first buyer, the
customer accused Dustin of ‘fraud’ and allegedly blackmailed him demanding the 01 coin
in addition to 10 BTC for ‘disaster mitigation services’ (that is, mitigating disaster by not
making public fraud accusations). Dustin refused, and published the text of the email with
commentary. Dustin had simply kept the first few coins for himself, family members, and
other close supporters. Keeping of the first coins in a series is normal practice for many, if
not most manufacturers, and in no way constitutes fraud.