Recalescence Coins 1000mBTC Silver Sparrow

Manuf. Recalescence
Year 2013
Denom. 1 BTC
Type PF, DIY
Mintage 500*
Material .999 Silver
Diameter 39 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Weight 1 ozt
Country Australia



This coin features a bird being set free from its cage, a
symbolism creator Dustin Freeman emphasizes when
he writes: “Bitcoin is the idea that freedom should be as
unwavering and absolute as the math it is built on.
Despite what calamity may befall, or what laws be
passed, the protocol is resolute and shall not yield to
depredations, fear, or uncertainty”.1
The coin features a ‘chain’ with ‘blocks’ on both ends,
symbolizing the blockchain on which Bitcoin is based.
Two years are recorded: 2009 to designate the year
Bitcoin was launched and 2013 to signify the year of
the coin’s mintage. The coin is denominated as 1,000
mBTC, the first coin to use mBTC as a standard unit.
* Though a total of 500 were minted, under 200 received
holograms and about 300 were sold as blanks. Many
coins which were deemed unfit for sale were destroyed
(and subsequently melted down) by Dustin.
Though the vast majority of coins are silver on both
sides, a small number was gold plated on the front to
create variety (and attract more orders). These are
known as ‘silver backs’ and are very rare.