PB MINT Teaser

Manufacturer: Physical Bitcoin Mint
Year: 2019
Denomination: N/A
Type: UF, DIY
Mintage: 100 + 10
Material: .999 Silver
Weight: 1 ozt
Country: USA



The INFINITY hologram symbolizes how blockchain goes on forever, is interconnected, and is mindboggling , difficult to comprehend, and virtually impossible to falsify.
It is then this interconnected jumble of never-ending, hard-to-understand connections that both ‘protect’ and ‘conceal’ value, with both the silver (physical) and private key (digital) representing that concept of value. This value is then encased between 2 sets of this ‘protective layer’.
Instead of an image, this coin attempts to convey a concept. Most people who display a coin consider the hologram ‘secondary’ and display only the main ‘image’. This is impossible with this coin since the hologram IS the image; the focus is the concept of the blockchain/tech, not the concept of coins/money.