New Liberty 2013 Silver Bitcoin Specie

Manufacturer: New Liberty
Year: 2013
Denomination: 0.25 BTC
Type: Round

Version Mintage
Silver 2,900
Gold Pl Silver 100
TOTAL 3,000



The word ‘specie’ refers to money in non-paper form,
which might refer to the silver content of the coin, the
coin itself (as opposed to paper money), to the Bitcoin
theme, or all three. The rounds have a ‘denomination’
of 0.25 BTC, which at the time of production was very
close to the spot price of 1 troy ounce of silver. The
QR code on the back opens a webpage that displays
the current price of an ounce of silver in BTC. Several
counterfeits of the coin have been made in China.
While the majority of these rounds are pure silver, 100
(serialized) rounds are gold electro-plated. There are
two additional varieties of this coin, differentiated by
‘hallmarks’ on the coins themselves. The first of these
is the ‘Satoshi White Paper fifth Anniversary’ hallmark
composed of five hands surrounding the number ‘5’
which can be found inside of the Bitcoin ‘B’ on 100 coins
(pictured on the lower left). The other variety is called
the ‘Pizza Day Commemorative’ hallmark, composed
of two round pizzas with ‘10K BTC’ engraved under
them in reference to the first bitcoin transaction where
two pizzas were bought for 10,000 BTC. It is found
above the ‘0.25 BTC’ mark.