MJB Monetary Metals Series 2 Silver

Manuf. MJB Monetary
Year 2011
Denom. BTC
Type Round
Mintage 1,000
Material .999 Silver
Diameter 15 mm
Thickness 0.75 mm
Weight 1 g
Country UK


After the success of the v1 “Type
1” silver rounds, a second version
was released in August, about a
week before the Casascius coins
came into existence. This coin is
an aesthetic improvement to the
first coin, in that the ‘B’ is clear and
easily visible. Like its counterpart,
it features a ‘binary theme’ of 1’s
and 0’s, with the back side having
an outer rim of 1’s and 0’s. This
rim inspired the ‘binary ring’
feature in many physical Bitcoins,
including Casascius, Lealana, and
Cryptolator. It appears shinier
when compared to the v1 coin.
On the upper right, one has been
converted to jewelry.