Microsoul Lucky Coin

Manufacturer: Microsoul
Year: 2016*
Denomination: 0.01 BTC**
Type: PF

Version Mintage
Round 1 10
Round 2 10
Round 3 10
Round 4 10
Round 5 10
TOTAL*** 50



The Lucky Coin is a very unique and innovative
product created by Microsoul using the series three
hologram. These coins have a private key, but their
public key is not visible. In its place, ‘#[round number].
[coin number] LUCKY’ is seen through the window
on the custom hologram. The ‘game’ works as follows:
every week, ten buyers purchase a Lucky Coin for
0.15 BTC each. Every coin is funded with 0.01 BTC,
but a random one is funded with an additional 1 BTC
bringing the total to 1.01 BTC for one of the ten coins.
In essence, this coin is a lottery ticket with a twist. What
makes this much more than a scratch-and-win card is
the unique community aspect. The ten public keys are
released publicly, so that everyone knows how many
coins in a set have been peeled and if the 1.01 BTC coin
is still un-peeled. Often, buyers will announce whether
they plan on peeling or not. As more coins in a set
are peeled without the prize being found, the value of
remaining coins will increase as their probability of
containing the prize is higher. This game has drawn lots
of collector involvement, encouraging commentary
and speculation amongst participants.