LuckyBit Silver Plated Wallet

Manufacturer: LuckyBit
Year: 2016
Denomination: BTC
Type: PF, DIY

Material Mintage
Copper 100
Silver Pl. Zinc
Alloy 100
.999 Silver 10
Zinc Alloy 6
Total 216



LuckyBit is a Bitcoin gambling website. It works by
allowing users to send BTC to certain addresses which
then return it in various multiples such as x0.2, x1.2,
x3, x99, etcetera according to calculated chance. At
the time of writing, nearly 100,000 BTC has been
wagered on the site. LuckyBit created these coins as
promotional items to advertise the website. Though the
majority of coins are silver plated, ten .999 Silver coins
were created exclusively for employees of the site. In
addition six non-plated rounds were produced as a test
strike, one of which was auctioned off.
The front of the coin declares LuckyBit as the ‘#1
Bitcoin Game’, and features an image of the game as it
appears on the website (‘bitcoins’ drop down into slots
in real-time corresponding to the multiplier). Gears
are a central theme on both the back and front, with
the pattern on the back’s outer rim resembling a gear.
These gears refer directly to the game theme, but more
indirectly symbolize the precise engineering behind
crypto-currency. The coin has a small hologram
compared to its size, and the back has repeating text of
the LuckyBit website and ‘LuckyBit’ to encourage visits
to the site. Each coin is serialized.