Lealana 1 BTC Silver ‘Gold B’

Manufacturer: Lealana
Year: 2013
Denomination: 1 BTC
Type: PF, BF, UF

Sub-Type Mintage
N/S Black 0
Black 290
B/F Black 10
Green 200
Total 500



This is the only Lealana coin with gold plating, and is
perhaps the most visually interesting due to the stark
contrast which highlights the ‘B’ and hologram. It is the
same size and weight as the 0.5 BTC coin of the same
series, but the ‘partial binary edge’ is replaced by a flat,
smooth gold plated surface on which the hologram is
placed. The hologram for this coin is the same as for
the 0.1 BTC brass coin; featuring a gold ‘B’ instead of
a silver one.
The coin can be seen as a direct counterpart and
competitor to the Casascius 1 BTC ‘Gold B’ Series 3
2013 coin, as both were released in the same year with
identical specs. Compare to the Casascius coins below.