Lealana 0.5 BTC Silver

Manufacturer: Lealana
Year: 2013
Denomination: 0.5 BTC
Type: PF, BF, UF

Sub-Type Mintage
Gold N/S Black 200
Black 290
B/F Black 10
Green 200
Total 700



While the front has no variance from the other coins in
the series, the back presents something new. Instead of
a full ‘binary edge’ as one might guess from first glance,
it actually features a ‘partial binary edge’ (the first of its
kind) around the hologram, while the rest of the coin is
made up of a sparkling ‘bumpy’ minted surface.
Like the 0.1 BTC and 0.25 BTC silver Lealana coins,
this coin’s hologram features a silver ‘B’. Notably, at least
10 specimens are known to actually have the ‘Gold B’
hologram normally reserved for the 0.1 BTC Brass and
1 BTC Lealana coins. It is possible that one or more
‘B/F Black’ coins were also subject to this abnormality,
making them extremely rare.