Lealana 0.1 BTC Silver

Manufacturer: Lealana
Year: 2013
Denomination: 0.1 BTC
Type: PF, BF, UF

Sub-Type Mintage
N/S Black 0
Black 490
B/F Black 10
Green 1,500
Total 2,000



Unlike its brass counterpart, the hologram on this coin
features a silver ‘B’ as opposed to gold, giving a more
pleasing color match for the all-silver coin.
While the 25 LTC and 0.1 BTC brass coins very closely
mimic certain Casascius coins, this coin is actually
a direct counterpart to the 0.1 BTC coin made by
Casascius. In addition to being released in the same
year, it has the exact same weight, metal composition,
and denomination. The 0.1 BTC Casascius coin is
pictured below.