Lealana 0.1 BTC Brass

Manufacturer: Lealana
Year: 2013
Denomination: 0.1 BTC
Type: PF, BF, UF

Sub-Type Mintage
N/S Black 0
Black 400
B/F Black 100
Green 9,500
Total 10,000



Like the 25 LTC coin, this is another example of a coin
closely inspired by Casascius (which is only natural,
as Casascius had been the only major manufacturer
from which to draw inspiration). This coin is the
perfect example of Lealana walking in the footsteps of
Casascius by producing something extremely similar
to the 2013 brass 1 BTC coin (the most common
Casascius coin) but differentiating. In this case the
differentiation was the denomination, which made the
coins even more affordable and easy to give away.
It is the cheapest coin in the Lealana Series 2 series, and
though its design elements are the same, it is the ‘odd
one out’ as the only non-silver coin in the series.