Jinn Bitcoin Jinn Physical Bitcoin

Manuf. Jinn
Year 2014
Denom. 1 BTC
Type PF, UF
Mintage 100
Material Silver Pl. Brass
Diameter 24 mm
Thickness 1 mm
Weight 8 g
Country USA



Jinn Bitcoins coins were created by Kyle Hagin, as a
crowd-funder ‘prize’ for anyone donating 100 USD
or more to his project. The project in question was a
‘Jinn e-wallet’, for which he was seeking 10,000 USD
in funding. This ‘e-wallet’ was to be a hand-held device
connecting to various crypto-currency networks
through a private cellular connection. The project
did not receive sufficient funding, and the coins were
offloaded to buyers on eBay.
The front of the coin is very similar in style and color
to the Casascius Aluminum coins. Above the Bitcoin
‘B’, is the Latin phrase ‘Societati Liberi’ which means
‘Free Society’. The word ‘Jinn’ is also on the front, along
with ‘2014’ and ‘One Bitcoin’. The backside consists of
a custom hologram featuring the Bitcoin ‘B’.