Goxxed For the Last Time Plated

Version Mintage
Silver Pl. 500
Silver Pl. 80
Gold Pl. 80
Silver Pl. Copper/Zinc Alloy
Gold Pl. Copper/Zinc Alloy
Diameter: 39 mm
Thickness: 2.7 mm
Weight: 33.2 g
Country: UK



In addition to the imagery, there is a text stating “mt.
gox:r.i.p….?” surrounded by question marks along with
the date on which the exchange was shut down. The
price chart is included in reference to allegations that
both the initial rise and crash of BTC value were caused
by the Mt. Gox exchange, and the question marks
attempt to communicate the aura of confusion that
surrounded the exchange’s failure, price fluctuations,
and Mr. Karpeles. The other side features a ‘meme’
image of Jean-Luc Picard (a Star Trek character) in a
frustrated ‘face-palm’ in reference to the falling value
of BTC. The “Don’t Get….” refers to a warning of not
getting ‘Goxxed’ again. On the one-year anniversary
of the shut-down, a special ‘Anniversary edition’ was
released for both the silver and silver plated coins, along
with the addition of a new gold-plated version. These
special ‘Anniversary’ editions are designated by the text
‘Commiserative Anniversary Edition’ being etched onto
the back.