Geek Bitcoin 5 mbtc

Manuf. Geek Bitcoin
Year 2014
Denom. 0.005 BTC
Type UF, DIY
Material Gold Pl. Brass
Diameter 25 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm
Weight 6 g
Country China



This physical Bitcoin bears the
phrase ‘In Bitcoin We Trust’. Its
face has the Bitcoin ‘B’, along with
the denomination of five mBTC
and a constellation of five stars to
symbolize the denomination. The
outer rim of the front has a star on
each side, which is rather common
considering the same theme is
used by CoinedBits and Finite
By Design. The back consists of a
custom hologram putting heavy
emphasis on the Bitcoin logo, as
is quite common. Perhaps most
notably, Geek Bitcoin is based in
China, making it one of the first
coins of this type produced there.