Finite By Design Real Bitcoin Proof

Manuf. F*D
Year 2015
Denom. BTC
Type DIY
Mintage 100
Material Ant. Gold
Diameter 39 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Weight 26g
Country USA



This coin could very well be
seen as the epitome of a ‘classic’
physical Bitcoin due to its
tasteful simplicity. Strikingly, the
front is virtually identical to
the early ‘CoinedBits’ round
released in 2011 (compare small
photo on the right), with the
raised outer rim being the only
discernible difference. The coin
contains a central Bitcoin ‘B’, the
word ‘Bitcoin’, and the common
motto ‘Vires In Numeris’. The
back contains words and phrases
relating to Bitcoin: “‘The Real
Bitcoin’ | Series 1 | 2015 | Peer-to-
Peer Technology | Decentralized
Trust | Satoshi Nakamoto”.