Finite By Design Cryptogenic Bullion Proof

Manuf. F*D
Year 2013
Denom. 10 CBX
Type UF
Mintage 50
Material .999 Silver
Diameter 50 x 29 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Weight 1 ozt
Country USA



This is the first physical crypto-currency in a silver
bar form and second implementation of a ‘bar’ after
Casascius’ various brass bars. ‘Cryptogenic Bullion’
obviously draws parallels to precious metal bullion, making a silver bar (which arguably
conveys the idea of ‘bullion’ better than a silver coin or round), a natural choice to store the
crypto-currency. In mid-2013, Cryptogenic Bullion was re-branded to Crypto Bullion. In
2013, the BTC value of the 10 CBX face value varied between 0.008 BTC and 0.04 BTC.