Finite By Design 5” ‘Ethereum Frontier’ Ether Bar (Antique Gold)

Manuf. F*D
Year 2015
Denom. ETH
Type DIY
Mintage 100
Antique Gold
Pl. Copper &
Brass Alloy
Diameter 111 x 57 mm
Thickness 6.35 mm
Weight 192 g
Country USA



The theme of this design is
‘Frontier’ which said to be the first
of four stages in the launch process
of the Ethereum network. The
crypto-currency ‘Ether’ is often
imagined as the ‘crypto-fuel’ of the
Ethereum network, which explains
why the words ‘pure cryptofuel’
are written below the Ethereum
logo on these bars. The back of
the bar displays an outer-space
scene where a landing vehicle is
about to touch down on a celestial
object. The theme of ‘crypto fuel’ is
apparent here (think ‘rocket fuel’,
‘to the moon’, etc), and the new
world appears to be declared as
being the ‘Frontier’ in large letters.