CryptoVault Vault Coin

Manufacturer: CryptoVault
Year: 2014
Denomination: N/A
Type: DIY

Version Mintage
Normal 497
Lim. Ed. 24K
Gold Pl. 8



This coin is made of an alloy that
is both strong and highly resistant
to heat, with the design goal of
protecting the private key even in
the event of a fire. Although the
current hologram is not sufficient
to ensure protection in extreme
situations, CryptoVault plans to
design new holograms that will be
fire, heat, and water resistant with
some kind of tracking capability
to prevent loss. Though 500 have
been produced, it is not a hard
limit and more may be minted at
CryptoVault’s discretion. The rare
gold plated versions (shown on
next page) are identical, and were
originally made for the founders.