Cryptonic Bitcoin Cryptocoin

Manufacturer: Cryptonic
Year: 2014
Denomination: BTC
Type: Round

Version Mintage

Material: Silver Pl. Brass
Diameter: 38 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Weight: 28.3 g
Country: Latvia
Silver Star 50
Gold Star 107



This coin comes in all-silver or
with gold plating over the ‘Bitcoin
star’. The back is the same design
as other Cryptonic rounds. The
front reads ‘All Aboard – Mission
to Cryptomars’. This ‘Cryptomars’
is likely a reference to the popular
saying ‘to the moon’, which
conveys that crypto-currency will
eventually see an astronomical
rise in value and relevance. It is
probable that the star design on
the coin is meant to add to this
symbolism. The backside declares
‘Cryptocoin Forever’, flanked by
infinity symbols on the left and
right signifying the perpetual
nature of crypto-currency.