Cryptogifts Peercoin Round

Manufacturer: Cryptogifts
Year: 2014
Denomination: PPC
Type: Round

Material Mintage
Gold Pl.
Copper 100
Silver Pl.
Copper 100
Total 200



These Peercoin themed rounds were the first coins released by Cryptogifts, with sales
being focused on the forum centered on the alternative cryptocurrency.
They are available with gold and silver plating (silver pictured below). The
front has the ‘P’ logo with a green enamel leaf in the center, which symbolizes the
environmentally friendly aspects of Peercoin (the
mining process uses less electricity than Bitcoin).
The words ‘Peercoin | Digital Currency’ are on the
front rim, along with ‘PPC’, the abbreviation for the
currency. The back has a similar theme, with ‘Limited
Edition | In Crypto We Trust’, along with ‘POS’ which
refers to Proof Of Stake (the algorithm of Peercoin). All
100 rounds are serialized.