Cryptogifts I/O Round

Manufacturer: Cryptogifts
Year: 2014
Denomination: I/O
Type: Round

Material Mintage
Gold Pl.
Copper 100
Silver Pl.
Copper 100
Total 200



The I/O coins were the second of Cryptogifts’ releases.
Like the Peercoins, they are available in gold and silver
plate with 100 serialized units of each. They are based
on the alternative crypto-currency I/O Coin. They
follow the same format as the Peercoin rounds, with an
increased usage of enamel. Cryptogifts explained the
choice to use enamel as opposed to paint, reasoning
that enamel hardens very well and cannot be scratched
off as opposed to paint which is known to chip easily.
The front features the text ‘WWW.IOCOIN.IO | Digital
Currency’, and the back is the same as for the Peercoin
rounds except that ‘I/O Coin’ is specified.