Crypto Imperator 1/2 Troy Oz .999 Fine Gold 1 Million Dogecoin

Manuf. Crypto Imper.
Year 2015
Denom. 1,000,000
Type PF
Mintage 10
Material .999 Gold
Diameter 29.8 mm
Thickness 1.3 mm
Weight 0.5 ozt
Country Spain



This coin was minted after getting enough pre-orders to
cover the cost of production. It is the first ever case of a
solid gold coin being minted for an ‘alt-coin’ (a cryptocurrency
other than bitcoin).
While it bears a clear resemblance to the
original Crypto Imperator DOGE coins,
it has been modified so that the dog
appears rich in a comical and stereotypical
fashion. The coin as a whole is an excellent
reflection of the culture around Dogecoin,
which often makes light-hearted and
humorous claims about dogecoins
being worth more than gold and users
becoming ‘rich doges’ one day as a result
of their DOGE. This coin could indeed be
seen as an extrapolation of the Dogecoin
user-base to represent a ‘doge’ who has
made ‘such money’ and become rich.