Casascius Physical Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bitcoin Bowl Coin

Manuf. Casascius
Year 2014
Denom. BTC
Type Round
Mintage 2,000*
Material .999 Silver
Diameter 39 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Weight 1 ozt
Country USA


To much surprise, this coin was
announced on December 23rd,
2014 as a commemorative coin
for the St. Petersburg Bitcoin
Bowl, a Florida college football
championship sponsored by BitPay
which is a leading Bitcoin payment
processor. One of the coins was
used for the coin toss at the game’s
“Adorned with gold plating on the
polished rim, the Bitcoin B, and
the bowl logo, this is the only coin
to be released by Casascius in the
2014 calendar year”1.
They were offered for sale online at
100 USD each.