Anonymous Mint

Manuf. Anonymous
Denom. BTC
Type Round
Material .999 Copper
Weight 1 oz
Country USA



This copper round is the first in a series of three
produced by Anonymous Mint. The coin features an
image of ‘The Guardian’, “a symbolic representation
of those who are keeping an eye on the ruling elite
that keep an eye on *us*”. The coin is very similar
to and likely inspired by the ‘Series 1.0 Satoshi’ coin
produced by Ravenbit, and it would be fair to interpret
the ‘Guardian’ as being Satoshi. Behind the digitized
outline of a man, a gear shape is apparent, symbolizing
the automated technology on which Bitcoin is based.
The front features the text ‘Anonymous Mint – 1
oz AVDP – .999 Copper’. The ‘AVDP’ refers to the
‘avoirdupois system’, which is simply a name for the
system of weights upon which ounces and pounds are
based. The back has a Bitcoin ‘B’ super-imposed on a
background of binary 1’s and 0’s, similarly to earlier
coins such as those released by MJB Monetary Metals.
The text ‘Premier Peer To Peer Crypto Currency –
Physical Artifact For The Real World’ is written around
the outer edge. This text clearly explains the purpose
of the coin: an ‘artifact’ of Bitcoin so that the digital
concept can be more easily understood.