Are DVR Viewings Factored Into Television Ratings?

Since digital video recorders (DVRs) have gained recognition, tv networks have needed to adapt to the time-shifting, business-skipping technology. DVR companies, like TiVo, allow viewers to schedule recordings on both a one-time or recurring foundation and watch these applications every time they like. One in all the key considerations about DVRs is that viewers will quick-forward through business breaks, but tracking viewing habits and scores for recorded Tv is a challenge.

The Farewell’s writer/director Lulu Wang stated as a lot when speaking about selling her indie drama after its celebrated Sundance Film Festival debut. A major streaming service provided her almost $15 million for the film rights, which was twice what the independent distributor A24 did. Wang took the A24 deal, and after months of movie festivals touring and Oscar campaigning, she explained why through the Hollywood Reporters’ prestigious Directors Roundtable.

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